That’s a very good question!

If you have ever watched the end of a movie and seen the ridonkulous list of people who helped make it happen? It takes an army of people to make a feature film. Even a smaller independent film like ours will have a slew of people who help. Everyone from the director of photography, to the nephew who drives the actors from one location to the next, to the restaurant that donates some lasagna and garlic bread for the crew, to the people like you who donate your time, skills, resources or money.

Here are some ways you can help our film now, before we launch a crowd funding campaign.


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Don’t be shy. Show everyone on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook that you’re so far ahead of the curve with Becoming A Hero!. And we will mention you, thank you and follow you!!! Just click the simple links on the left or below to share!

3. Contribute

A dollar, five dollars, ten dollars, fifty dollars, or more towards our production costs and we will give you free goodies! These gifts are exclusive to the website donors and won’t be featured on the crowdfunding campaign.

  • A $1 donation gives you a shout out on twitter and a follow/tag on instagram. (Let us know your “handle”!)
  • A $5 donation gives you the shout outs and a photo with one of our characters holding up a thank you sign with your name on it!
  • A $10 donation gives the shout outs and a Becoming A Hero postcard of the movie personally autographed by the directors and mailed to you .
  • A $20 donation gives the shout outs, the postcard, the thank you sign, and us sharing that photo of the character thanking you on Instagram.
  • Anything over $20 and together we will personally design a package worthy of your generous donation!!


So however it is that you are able help we appreciate it. Because of your visionary nature, you are helping to make Becoming A Hero the greatest film it can be.